2017 Wedding DJ Cost – Austin, Texas

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Austin Wedding DJ Cost 

Welcome, you’re looking to hire a DJ in Austin Texas?!! ATX DJ is usually somewhere in the middle of the price spectrum when it comes to your average Austin wedding DJ Cost! DJ Sean Alan has certainly risen to the top of the upper echelon of Austin wedding DJs. Our expertise has been proven time and time again through reviews, referrals, awards and most importantly -SATISFIED COUPLES!

The average wedding cost in Austin, Texas is $37,540 – Just let that sink in for a moment. Of course, this is just an average. We understand that many of the most beautiful weddings that we are a part of fall below this amount, while some far exceed this number.

Much of your wedding budget will go toward your attire & accessories, beauty & spa packages, flowers & decorations, gifts & favors, invitations, jewelry, photography & video, hiring a planner/consultant, the venue, catering, and rentals, while a portion will likely be set aside for the Austin wedding DJ cost. Prices for wedding entertainment definitely vary, good entertainment is a must! Bands are typically more expensive than DJs, while some DJs charge just as much as bands.

Finding the Balance

Your best bet is to research to help make the most informed decision! You can check sites such as The Knot or Wedding Wire, Facebook, and Yelp! for reviews and to find out what actual customers have to say about the DJ’s quality of work. You can also find a plethora of DJs on Craigslist for a fraction of the cost, but lets be real – Do you really want a DJ who has slashed their price in order to gain on-the-job experience? My guess is, no.

Austin Wedding DJ Cost
Villa Antonia Wedding DJ

Austin wedding DJ cost – Determine a Budget

How much are you comfortable spending on entertainment? Should it be 10% of your total budget, 7%? Is a little extra on your DJ worth the peace of mind you will have your dream wedding? Are you considering having a photo booth in addition to your DJ? Keep in mind that ATX DJ offers packages that include a photo booth provided by Live Oak Photo Booth!

The set up typically included for weddings-

Austin Wedding DJ cost, Austin DJ, DJ Austin Texas
Set up at The W Austin Wedding DJ

Read the fine print –

When receiving quotes from various DJs, you will likely be given a list of services included in the package. Does the DJ include lighting, your entire wedding ceremony & reception time, and microphones? Will the DJ charge extra for travel? Our all inclusive, upfront package prices are generally best, because paying more for the ‘extras’ will surely add up!

Ceremony Music – If you would like music during your ceremony, be sure that this is offered by your DJ.  The ceremony is priceless and we make sure it sounds so!

Custom playlist – Does the DJ allow you to choose songs for your wedding? Do they charge extra for each song the couple specifically wants played? Are you limited to the music the DJ already has?

Lighting –

It is important to know whether the DJ company will include dance floor lighting. Many venues are dark at night, so good lighting is a must!

The whole kit and caboodle

We offer up-lights, Monogram, custom DJ facades, Photo booths, and so much more? You can save a ton when your DJ offers additional services, and you won’t have to worry about coordinating all of the extra vendors.

Just in case you’re curious

Here is a site that gives a little insight into the Cost of Weddings! This will give you a much better idea of what to expect when deciding on a budget and planning your wedding.

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