Many factors determine the outcome of the dancing at every wedding. There are some surefire ways to get the party going, and there are even more ways that can have a negative impact on the dancing. We’ve never had a complaint from a client about the dancing, but as DJs, we know when things could have gone just a little bit better. After thinking it over for a few minutes, here’s what I came up with:

  1. DJ on the dance floor, nothing in between. Choose function over fashion!
  2. Pick a variety of fun music that everyone will like.
  3. Avoid overly long dance periods. Think sprint, not marathon.
  4. Don’t stop the dancing too many times for other activities.
  5. Starting dancing while there is light in the room can make it harder to get going.
  6. Keep the booze flowing for your guests (we promise not to drink)
  7. Communicate your expectations to your DJ.
  8. Don’t play too many slow songs.
  9. Bride and Groom set the tone. If they dance, their guests will.
  10. If the B&G leave the dance area for any extended time, the dance floor will suffer.

Some of these things can be all-together avoided and some are inevitable. I always strive to keep the party moving, I just roll with it and shift my focus to taking the party to the next level. Song selection and the music we discuss will be a huge determining factor in the end. Let’s pick some good beats!

I’ve given you some things not to do and couple to do, set up a consultation to hear many more ideas on what we can do to have the most fun at your wedding or event!

Talk soon – Sean

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